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Suitable for use on the coupling and reducer reducer coupling

As we all know, speed reducer is a very common power across agencies, are used in various mechanical transmission system. While the very high importance of coupling reducers, couplings installation and directly related to the effect of the running gear, to comply with the technical specifications and standards.
reducer coupling is properly installed and used, pay attention to the following matters. Reducer couplings used by a variety of optional types, but it is best not to use fixed steel coupling, this type of coupling installation is difficult, once it's installed properly will increase the load-carrying capacity, likely to cause damage to bearings, even can cause the output shaft to break. Reducer fixing is very important to ensure a smooth and firm, in general we reducer should be mounted on a horizontal basis or on the base, while oil oil tank should be able to rule out, and cooling air circulation flowing. Reducer fixing bad, unreliable is the basis, there will be a cause of vibration, phenomena, it will cause unnecessary damage to the bearings and gears. Reducer drive couplings should be installed when necessary protective devices, protrusions such as connectors or use gears, chain drive, and so on, if the output shaft radial load is large, selection should be enhanced. Reducer mounting position the operation to ensure staff, including convenient close cursor, and ventilation plug oil drain plug location. Reducer after the installation is complete, check the accuracy of personnel should be comprehensive in order to check the installation location, determine the reliability of various fasteners. Reducer before running, and ready to run, will replace sump vent hole plug remove the vent-plug, open the oil level check plug screw line height, add lubricating oil over oil plug screw hole to overflowing, and then loosen the oil Plug and determined correctly, can start to run. Reducer of the break-in period may not be less than two hours, functioning standards, smooth running, no vibration, no noise, no leakage, no impact, if there are abnormalities should be ruled out.

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