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Coupling with rubber tyre imbalance in research and solutions

what is the imbalance? What harm is it imbalances? Tire type coupling due to all reasons makes its mass or inertia spindle with added turned axis not coincide, in running Shi will produced not balance centrifugal inertia force, and centrifugal inertia I force and moving deflection (vibration type) of phenomenon, called rotor of not balance phenomenon, this not balance phenomenon must caused axis Department of vibration, to effect machine of normal work and using life, thus on its must be attention.

in order to correct or minimize coupling with rubber tyre unbalance, should you need to select the appropriate level of balance, and upon completion of the products manufactured and installed on the machine, balance specified in the coupling (calibration) on the plane, by increasing or decreasing the appropriate quality of methods, so as to meet the equilibrium level. This process is known as balance, referred to as balance. The degree of imbalance (imbalance u) usually use the rotor mass m rotor rotary axis and center of mass to the distance r of the product expressed in Mr, known as mass-RADIUS product. Also useful for mass-RADIUS product expressed in per unit mass, called the eccentricity e (not eccentric in the geometric sense. ) Mass-RADIUS product Mr is a quantity relative to the rotor mass and eccentricity e is an absolute amount is independent of rotor quality. The former directly, often used in concrete of a given rotor balancing, which is used to measure the rotor balancing the advantages and disadvantages of balance or detection accuracy, coupling with rubber tyre balance scale press e to evaluate.


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